Motorola's Sanjay Jha talks tablets, Android, HTC, and more

It looks like an investors conference hosted by Barclays earlier today was the place to be for anyone looking to get Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha's thoughts on, well, just about anything, as he took advantage of the occasion to address about as wide a range of topics as you could ask for. That even includes the topic-du-jour of tablets, which Jha says makes sense as a "companion device," adding only that Motorola is "engaged in thinking about the right solution there." Jha also addressed the issue of Motorola possibly building or acquiring its own OS by saying that "nearly all of my focus is on Android today," and that any other OS would have to match Android's capabilities. On that Android note, Jha also said that Motorola would be "aggressive" in bringing Android 2.2 to its phones (taking a Flash-related shot at Apple in the process), and he said that he wasn't concerned about the HTC Droid Incredible eating into Motorola's own Droid sales, noting that the company has more Droid phones in the pipeline that he's "excited" about, including some for Verizon -- the Droid Shadow, perhaps? Still with us? Jha also confirmed that Motoblur now has more than a million users, and that Motorola will be introducing a new version of it "later this year." That's all to say nothing about Motorola's feature phone business, its plans to sell smartphones in China, and Jha's own new role when Motorola splits into two companies next year. Dive into the links below for all the details.