Samsung Behold II fails to fulfill Android 2.0 promise, jilted users contemplating lawsuit (video)

When Samsung launched its Behold II with Android 1.5 on board, it made something of a big deal about the fact the handset will be upgradeable to version 2.0 when that software became available. Such a big deal that it even put the promise of an OTA update into a promo video -- a video that subsequently got yanked as the company realized it wasn't going to be able to stick to its word. Well, that evidence has now been tracked down (see it after the break), and all those buyers who were left with a Cupcake in lieu of a promised Eclair have hardly forgotten about it either. Samsung's position varies between the boilerplate "we don't have a future release date," to a stone cold "the SGH-T939 will never qualify for the Android 2X update," depending on which rep you speak to. The disappointed users have therefore resorted to putting a petition together, which asks that either a refund, replacement Android 2.x handset, or a real update be provided to them, and concludes that "legal action will be taken" if Samsung fails them. That's not exactly unreasonable , given the unfulfilled expectation -- Samsung, what say you?

[Thanks, Yitzhak]