Samsung develops USB-powered desktop PC monitor, plans 2011 street date

We've seen more than our fair share of USB displays as of late, and on the whole they're usually tiny -- say, around 7-inches. Sure, they're well-suited for someone who wants to get that Tweetdeck or their IRC window off of their main desktop, but that's about it. It looks like Samsung's poised to take the whole affair to the next level with its new 18.5-inch LCD display. By "improving the transmittance of the panel and the luminance efficiency of the backlight," Tech-on! notes, the company was able to keep power consumption down to 6.3W -- low enough that a forked USB 2.0 cable is sufficient to power the thing as well as supply data. The only drawback? Apparently the device uses an edge-lit backlight that limits the device's lifetime to 30,000 hours compared to 50,000 for existing LCD monitors). According to the company, you can look forward to seeing these things hit store shelves sometime in 2011.