Best Buy now offering Kin One free, Kin Two for $50 on contract

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|06.01.10

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Best Buy now offering Kin One free, Kin Two for $50 on contract
For all its faults, the prime reason we panned Microsoft's Kin was price. Why buy a Kin when you could get a more capable iPhone, Palm Pre or Android device for the same price? This week, it seems someone at Best Buy HQ has seen the light. As of today, the brick-and-mortar electronics superstore has knocked $50 off the price of both handsets, making the Kin One free and the Kin Two cost only $50 on a two-year contract, with no mail-in rebates or other nonsense required. Now, if only Verizon would do something about that $30 monthly data plan, your teen might finally have a vaguely compelling reason to pick one up.

[Thanks, Sean T.]

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