How-to: push Chrome / Firefox links to your Android 2.2 Froyo device (video)

While we absolutely adore our Nexus One -- now that it's got a bellyful of that fabulous frozen yogurt -- one of the most exciting Android additions shown off at Google I/O isn't actually slated for Froyo: the ability to push apps and music over the air from computer to phone. The underlying framework apparently is, though, and thus a bite-sized version of the functionality is already available at Google Code. If you're one of the lucky few running Android 2.2, you can get an extension for Chrome and Firefox web browsers that will let you push URLs, Maps and YouTube video links direct to your device using a Google Account. You can think of it as an early foray into a Continuous Client, perhaps, sharing with yourself before you head to a business meeting. Better yet, share an account with a group of friends and push interesting items to everyone on the go. See how (and see it in action) right after the break.

  1. You've got a phone running Android 2.2, right? Good. Use it to download the Google Chrome to Phone Extension application here. Make sure Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources is checked if you're installing over USB, or use Barcode Reader (highly recommended!) to scan that QR code.

  2. Download the latest version of the Chrome to Phone extension from the same page, or get the Firefox version here.

  3. In your web browser of choice, log into your Google Account.

  4. On your phone, start the Chrome to Phone application

  5. In the app, add the Google Account you'd like to share with.

  6. Click on "Register Device" to link your account to the Google Chrome to Phone service.

Finally, open up that web browser, find something you'd like to share, then click the new icon in the toolbar to beam it to your phone. Now you're cooking with fi--we mean, now you can continue your browsing sessions, share YouTube videos and get those Google Maps into a form factor where they can do some good. It's not like you were going to memorize those directions, right?