Newsight 3D photo frame promises to let you 'see around' images without glasses

A 3D digital photo frame may seem a bit excessive for even the most all-compassing technology bandwagon, but the folks from Newsight have managed to put a somewhat unique spin on the idea with this frame recently on display at SID 2010. Like some of the company's other displays, this 3D LCD is auto-stereoscopic -- meaning you don't need any pesky glasses -- but it also takes things one step further by supporting what's known as "motion parallax," which effectively means you can "see around" an image. As you might expect, that involves a bit of trickery, but Newsight says its image processing software can take any traditional 3D (or even 2D) image and create five separate images out of it that let you see the same image from different angles. Unfortunately, that image processing must first be done on a PC with the current model, but Newsight promises that the next model will have built-in processing, and it's already talking about a third version that will let two frames send images to each other.