Labor practice protest goes down at Computex, Steve Jobs called an 'OEM profit bloodsucker'

It's hard to say if today's protest outside of the Computex show floor has anything in particular to do with Taiwan's president showing up to tour the expo, but there's zero doubt that it has a lot to do with the recent attention given to questionable labor practices in Foxconn's Chinese facilities. A good two dozen protesters were out in force today, with loads of police and TV cameras giving the world a look at how these folks feel about Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Wintek's CEO in particular. As for Jobs, he was being labeled an "OEM profit bloodsucker" and "the man behind irresponsible contractors," while a slew of others were deemed "production line killers, number one union butchers, representatives of mass layoffs and kings of chemical killing." We also spotted instances of "tired to death" and "suicide overtime work," neither of which are particularly rosy. Hit the gallery below for more of the mayhem.