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Microsoft's Guggenheimer dismisses Android on tablets as 'an experiment'

Microsoft's Guggenheimer dismisses Android on tablets as 'an experiment'
Vlad Savov
Vlad Savov|June 1, 2010 12:24 PM
Steve Guggenheimer, Microsoft's OEM vice pres, has pulled no punches in responding to a query about the threat posed by Android OS in the burgeoning tablet sector. Describing the early enthusiasm for Android from big hitters like Acer and Dell as a stage of experimentation, the Redmond man tells us he expects "Microsoft's support for Windows 7 will be seen as more valuable over time." In aid of this assertion, he cites the netbook market's development, which started off almost exclusively with Linux installations, yet "three years later it is 95% on Windows." That's quite an incontrovertible track record, but we can't help feeling the Guggenmeister is somewhat underestimating his competition here. He argues the continuous support of Windows 7 will keep OEMs in line, but we've seen Android iterating at a breakneck pace almost since its inception, and it'll be interesting to see if manufacturers opt for new features with Google's wares or cozy security with Microsoft. Either way, as the desktop OS leader, Microsoft is entitled to use such strong words -- we just hope Steve won't have to eat them.
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