Samsung Galaxy S set for simultaneous launch in 110 countries, probably this month

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|06.01.10

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According to the Korea IT Times, Samsung will be taking quite an unusual route with the launch of its upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S, by releasing it simultaneously in 110 countries around the world. Sure, it seems as much a publicity stunt as anything else, but this move indicates both a confidence in Super AMOLED supplies and, more importantly, a rapidly approaching date for the Galaxy S' retail availability. We already knew that it'll be arriving in Asia this month, so assuming this global debut is working to the same schedule, most developed countries will get their taste of Samsung's latest before the first half of the year is through. Neat, then we can pit one of these against an iPhone 4G and figure out which has the more gorgeous display.

[Thanks, Martin]
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