iPhone 4G display put under a microscope, 960 x 640 a lock?

You've seen it in San Jose, you've seen plenty of it in Vietnam, and now, apparently, you're seeing the iPhone 4G display waving at you from the center of Europe, namely the Czech Republic. We haven't been able to corroborate that these fellas do indeed have a legitimate next-gen iPhone part in their paws, but hey, that's what they claim. The guys from have gone above and beyond the leaker's call of duty, by taking the supposed next-gen screen under a microscope and figuring out its pixel density and display technology. According to them, the new iPhone will sport an IPS panel, much like the other handheld device Apple introduced this year, with a cool 960 x 640 resolution. This quadruples the total number of pixels from the iPhone 3GS -- making rescaling of current apps a straightforward affair -- while also giving Apple the right to claim the highest pixel density yet seen on a phone. You'll find similarly zoomed-in pics of the Nexus One and iPod touch screens at the source, and the answers to all your iPhone-related questions at WWDC in a few days' time.