Samsung Galaxy S will hit Asia in June, get Froyo later

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|05.26.10

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Samsung Galaxy S will hit Asia in June, get Froyo later
Samsung has just let the cat out of the bag regarding its top of the line Galaxy S, which is set to make its global debut in Asian markets this June. Unsubsidized, this 4-inch beastie will cost you S$1,098 (or around $775), which might be a little on the steep side, but then this is one of only a pair of Super AMOLED handsets on the market and Samsung makes the other one. And in case you want an alternative closer to home, Amazon's German portal is now listing the Galaxy S for pre-order at €649, which works out to about the same price. The best news from today, however, is probably Samsung's official confirmation that the phone will be getting an Android 2.2 upgrade at some point in its future. No specifics are given as yet, but we'll take our Froyo whenever and wherever we can get it.

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