Sony's new 11.7-inch OLED panel boasts better colors, longer lifespan

Sony may have killed production of its groundbreaking XEL-1 OLED TV, but that doesn't mean it isn't necessarily working on a followup -- it's just unveiled a new and improved, and similarly sized OLED panel at SID 2010 last week. Apparently, the big advance with this display comes courtesy of the oxide semiconductor TFT (also known as IGZO) used for the OLED panel, which Sony was able to tweak enough to deliver a ten year lifespan -- with average use, we presume. What's more, while the panel still packs the same 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 960 x 540 resolution as the XEL-1, it does increase the brightness to 600 cd/m2 (up from 200 before), and Sony says it has a significantly improved color gamut as well. Of course, it is still just a prototype, and it's not 3D, so any eventual products using it might not be Sony's top priority at the moment.