iPad Camera Connection Kit a commodity item, now fetches $100+ on eBay

Now that the USB-wielding cat's out of the bag, it's looking like supplies of the iPad Camera Connection Kit aren't keeping up with demand -- one Engadget reader tipped us off to the fact that the $30 attachments are worth up to $180 on eBay. A quick bit of sleuthing showed that Apple's actually still selling the things -- they're simply backordered, with a three to four week shipping delay -- but sure enough, niche e-tailers currently list the dongles for as much as $150, and eBay auctioneers are finding the kits sell for two to five times the original MSRP. If your external HDD experiments didn't work out the way you'd liked, at least you can be sure you'll get your money back.

[Thanks, Paul P.]