Steve Jobs' D8 interview: the video highlights (updated)

Ross Miller
R. Miller|06.02.10

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Steve Jobs' D8 interview: the video highlights (updated)
Sure, you read our liveblog of Steve Jobs' D8 conference -- and believe us, it's heavily quotable -- but don't you want to see and hear the Apple CEO claim HyperCard was huge in its day? Or perhaps you're more interested in his thoughts on Flash, market cap, and the iPad origins -- either way, videos are after the break, with presumably more to come from All Things D.

Update: Four new videos have been added!

Update 2: Two new videos have been added!

New! On Foxconn:

New! On the origins of the iPhone:

On Flash and Adobe:

On AT&T:

On the problem with set-top boxes:

On the missing iPhone:

On iAds restrictions:

On Google and Android:

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