ASUS debuts WirelessHD-equipped G73JW and G53 laptops, we go eyes-on

We already took a closer look at ASUS' minty fresh ROG G53 gaming laptop earlier in the week, but it was the outfit's 17-inch version (the G73JW, predictably) used to showcase a new partnership with SiBEAM. The aforesaid rigs are the world's first laptops to integrate SiBEAM's 60GHz WirelessHD technology, essentially doing exactly what Intel's WiDi does. For those unfamiliar with either technology, it enables the laptop to beam 1080p content directly to a receiver box (that tube you see above, which will be attached via HDMI in theory) from up to 30 meters away. Both machines are slated to be slinging HD sans cabling this Fall, though pricing for the upgraded beasts wasn't available just yet. Still, we were treated to a demonstration over at the outfit's Computex booth, and while it was dangerously close to the receiver, HD content still was streaming without a hitch. Granted, we've seen nothing but great things from other WirelessHD applications in the past, but it's still lovely to see it humming along so nicely within a full-fledged computer. Have a look yourself just past the break.%Gallery-94278%

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ASUS Introduces World's First Integrated WirelessHD Notebook PC with SiBEAM Technology

ASUS' New Notebooks Incorporate SiBEAM's WirelessHD 60GHz Technology Enabling Wireless Display for the Full HD Experience and ASUS Joins WirelessHD Consortium

TAIPEI, Taiwan & SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ASUS, a leading developer of notebook PCs, today announced that it has launched two new notebook computer models that incorporate SiBEAM, Inc.'s WirelessHD technology, enabling the most robust wireless display solution available. These notebook PCs are the world's first to feature WirelessHD technology. By integrating SiBEAM's advanced wireless video network chips on display mini-card (DMC) modules, these notebooks will offer an unprecedented wireless experience for consumers and gamers at compelling price points. ASUS' inclusion of WirelessHD ensures high-quality, uncompressed 1080p/60 video, robust transmission, and a latency-free experience for gaming and entertainment. Consumers will be able to be "untethered" and connect to the HD television, while still accessing the Internet and their home network without interference. ASUS also announces their new membership and participation in WirelessHD as an adopter.

"ASUS is proud to be the first company to introduce a notebook PC enabled with WirelessHD. ASUS has a long-standing history of listening to customers and then identifying technology to meet those needs"

ASUS is incorporating SiBEAM's WirelessHD technology in its new notebook PCs including the G73JW and the G53. Ideal for gaming, these models will provide consumers with a latency-free gaming experience with perfect video quality, as SiBEAM's WirelessHD technology is the only wireless display solution on the market that provides a lossless and uncompressed video connection. The addition of the technology will enable consumers to use the notebook with the HD television while at home or play games on the notebook while on the road. By operating in the 60GHz frequency band, the new products will not experience any interference with WiFi, cordless phones, or other wireless technologies, but rather permit simultaneous usage of these other wireless devices for Internet access and home networking.

"ASUS is proud to be the first company to introduce a notebook PC enabled with WirelessHD. ASUS has a long-standing history of listening to customers and then identifying technology to meet those needs," said Mr. P.C. Wang, Corporate Vice President & General Manager Notebook Business Unit from ASUS. "Having considered the needs of our customers, it's clear that there is a compelling proposition for connecting a notebook PC to a high definition display for gaming and entertainment. Given that consumers are increasingly using ASUS PCs for entertainment applications, connectivity to a wireless display becomes valuable. Having evaluated the range of wireless display options available, the WirelessHD solution and wireless chips from SiBEAM were most appealing to ASUS. Given that the leading provider of WirelessHD technology is SiBEAM, we were delighted to partner with them in bringing the first notebook PC to market with their support."

"SiBEAM is delighted to collaborate with ASUS in the introduction of their WirelessHD notebook PCs. ASUS is a leading manufacturer of notebook PCs and this launch reinforces that leadership position," said John LeMoncheck, president and CEO of SiBEAM, Inc. "As the WirelessHD entertainment experience expands from adapters to televisions to BD players to set-top boxes and now to portable devices including the notebook PC, the value of WirelessHD networks for consumers grows. This launch by ASUS not only represents the first notebook PC, but also the first portable devices to include WirelessHD, emphasizing the viability of 60GHz for portable entertainment platforms. There is clear value to the consumer in being able to connect their entertainment devices wirelessly to displays so that they can enjoy the content from their PC on the television wirelessly. SiBEAM is happy to support ASUS in such market expanding activities."

Being demonstrated at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan, this week, the ASUS notebooks will be made available in Fall 2010.