"iPhone 4GS case" and parts video hit the Web

As if there could be something else we don't know about the forthcoming iPhone, website iPhone Portugal has posted video of what they claim to be the internal parts of a next-generation iPhone. Where'd it come from? Here's their CYA:

"These parts were purchased in China by one of our readers (weren't stolen or found) then delivered to us. We will not reveal the price."

The video shows, you know, mobile phone parts. So, there's what some of the next iPhone's innards might look like. We'll (probably) see one for real on the 7th (at the outside) at WWDC. But before that, let's sum up where the rumor train has brought us.

The 4GS has a new case design that probably comes in white, a likely A4 processor, front-facing camera, and a high resolution screen.

Does anyone else feel the sickening regret of an 8-year-old who has discovered all of the Christmas gifts in the attic?

[Via MacRumors]