Plextor gets all zen with PlexMedia: a modular, network-attached Blu-ray player

It's not often we come across an external drive that looks like anything but a brick, so we were pleasantly surprised to see Plextor demoing something a little more svelte at Computex. We can tell the PlexMedia network attached media player (bottom) is a looker right off the bat, but it truly becomes useful when you plug in the PX-B120U (top) designed to go with it. The combination is a fully-functional Blu-ray disc player that apparently outputs to a TV, but the smaller box can also detach, slip into your bookbag and become an external Blu-ray drive for your PC. Since there's no specs or pics of the unit's rear, we honestly have no idea how it accomplishes either, but we imagine the info will spontaneously pop into our being if we stare long enough at those azure ripples, and thus complete our meditation. On the off-chance that doesn't work, we've also dispatched a carrier pigeon to Plextor HQ for the answers; in the meanwhile, you can peruse the presser after the break.

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Plextor Launches New Blu-Ray Solutions at Computex 2010

New networked media player and compatible external BD-ROM let you enjoy Blu-ray without a Blu-ray player

June 1st 2010 – Plextor, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital media equipment, announces its new networked media player PlexMedia, as well the compatible PX-B120U external BD-ROM drive, at Computex 2010 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Visitors can take a first look at Plextor's new networked media player, the PlexMedia, while at the show. This is the first networked media player that can be connected to an external USB BD-ROM drive, making it possible to watch high-definition Blu-ray discs in your living room without having to purchase a Blu-ray disc player.

Simultaneously with the media player, Plextor also launches the PX-B120U, a compatible external BD-ROM drive. This portable drive can be connected to the media player to become your living room Blu-ray disc player, but is versatile enough to carry in a notebook bag or connect to a desktop PC – allowing you to enjoy High Definition content everywhere.

Also at Computex, Plextor will showcase its complete Blu-ray disc drive portfolio, including its PX-B940SA 12X BD Writer and PX-B320SA 8X BD Combo.

Also being showcased are the recently-introduced Networked Attached Storage device (NAS), and a new portfolio of Solid State Drives (SSD). The two-bay NAS drive will be followed up with a four-bay NAS solution for small to medium-sized businesses. By adding this new NAS system, Plextor aims to provide storage solutions for both home users as well as professionals.

Plextor also recognizes the growing demand for faster and more reliable storage solutions and announces its new portfolio of SSDs at Computex. Plextor will launch both MLC and SLC format SSD drives later in 2010.

The SSD drives complement Plextor's range of storage products, which will also consist of a new lineup of external Hard Disk Drives. At Computex, Plextor will showcase its new generation of portable USB 3.0 and e-SATA Hard Disk Drives.

Plextor welcomes Computex visitors to visit the Plextor booth – G220-224 and G319-323 in TWTC Hall 3 from June 1 - 5. Contact Plextor now to schedule an appointment or feel free to visit the Plextor booth anytime during the event.

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