Advertisement's Guide to Valithria Dreamwalker

Valithria Dreamwalker is the easiest fight to DPS. No, really, it's amazing. Unfortunately, your success with Dreamwalker has almost nothing to do with your DPS.

The basic premise of the Valithria Dreamwalker encounter is thus: She is being held captive by the bad guys. She's more than capable of getting herself free ... if only she weren't damaged. So your job is to heal her to full. But that's a lot of health, so she opens portals into the Emerald Dream so that your healers can juice up their own healing. Then, they heal her. Meanwhile, the rest of your raid kills a bunch of adds.

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One tank should be enough in 10-man normal and heroic, while you probably want two in 25-man modes. Healers are where this is at. Go for three healers in 10-man and six to even eight in 25-man. Unlike most fights in which you want as few healers as you need to keep the tank alive, you want was few DPS as possible to burn down the adds quickly while not letting the tanks get overwhelmed.

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General strategy

Have everyone stand in a single spot in the center. That's where the raid is standing during this fight. Unless you have a specific role, the further you are from that spot, the more you're doing it wrong. There are two groups who will be moving -- the folks killing the suppressors and the folks going into portals.

Here's the general flow of the fight: Healers heal Valithria. When portals open, go inside to get your healing power-ups. Come outside and heal the dragon more. DPS and tanks will keep the adds busy (and by busy, I mean dead.) There's a kill order to them, but we'll get to that. Don't stand in the little white circle that are summoned by some adds, for the circle will throw you up in the air and delay you.

Now, for a little more detail.

For tanks and DPS, just be certain to remain standing in your spot. It really makes life a lot easier if tanks don't have to run down adds, if hunters aren't flying across the screen like rabbits, etc. Stay as a unit as much as you possibly can. Kill Blazing Skeletons first, because their Lay Waste ability isn't just a clever name; if left up for long, Blazing Skeletons will slaughter your raid. Be careful when you kill Gluttonous Abominations because they spawn Rot Worms. Assign a few people to kill the Suppressers as they spawn; they don't really require tanking, but will slow down your healers' work on Valithria.

This fight is slightly more complex for healers. The dragon wants you to heal her, so she will summon Nightmare Portals. Once inside, you will have 15 seconds to fly through the clouds inside to pick up Emerald Vigor. Come back out of the portal and lay the heals on Valithria as strongly as possible. When she's at full, she shows why you don't mess with a dragon; she lets loose Dreamwalker's Rage and kills all remaining bad guys.

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Tank strategy

Keep your group together as much as possible and kite the adds to the kill zone. Your ability to control adds will depend on your raid's DPS -- the less time mobs are on you, the better.

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DPS strategy

Kill Blazing Skeletons first. Otherwise, mow down everything as fast possible. It's usually to have an agreed /assist tank, so that focus fire is constantly mowing down adds.

Assign a few folks to kill Suppressers. The don't do anything but focus on making Valithria hard to heal, so they need to die quickly.

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Healer strategy

One of your greatest challenges in handling Valithria will be ignoring your raid. You will need a raid healer in 10-man and two in 25-man, but all other available heals belong to Valithria. That's the point of this fight. Stay focused on her. Go in, get your buff or refresh your buff, and get that dragon healed!

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