Aiptek's 3D i2 camcorder now up for pre-sale, cheaper than expected

Aiptek's 3D i2 camcorder now up for pre-sale, even cheaper than expected

If you live in a constant (and expensive) state of being way ahead of the curve, you're already pining to get yourself a 3D camcorder and, as we reported last week, Aiptek's i2 will do your budget the least harm. Now we have word that formal release for the US happens in August and it'll be cheaper here than expected: $200. For that you get a device that can record 720p video in stereo and play it back on the integrated parallax barrier 3D LCD, which our intrepid reporter Andy Yang said looks awful thanks to a very small sweet spot that must be perfectly positioned in relation to your eye holes. Thankfully, things should look much better when piped out over HDMI to that 3D HDTV of yours -- first in the neighborhood, of course.