SpaceX Falcon 9 about to launch, check out the live stream now! (update: liftoff!)

Just a few minutes to go, hit up the source link for more info or follow after the break for a live stream. SpaceX has been having all sorts of problems with Falcon 9, so it could always hit another snag, but it's always fun to try and catch a glimpse of live streamed space flight.

Update: It hit another snag. The rocket went into "safe mode" right before launch due to some shutdown condition. There's still the possibility of a later launch, however, so we'll keep you posted.

Update 2: Supposedly they're going to try again with a 2:45 launch. Fingers crossed!

Update 3: And there she goes!

Update 4: They achieved earth orbit! Major milestone for private and commercial space exploration: congratulations, SpaceX.

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