ASUS demos Immensity X58 Hydra mainboard with integrated ATI Radeon HD 5770 GPU

ASUS had a fairly big showing here at Computex, and while mobile computing was obviously the highlight of the show, the desktop gamers were thrown a bone with this gem. Dubbed Immensity, this concept X58 mainboard has plenty of room for an ultra-speedy Core i7 processor, but what makes this one unique is the built-in GPU. Nah, it's not some lame-o integrated chip that chokes up when playing back 480p versions of last night's Glee -- it's a full-fledged ATI Radeon HD 5770. Thankfully for you, that's not where the fun ends. There's also an integrated Lucid Hydra chip fused onto the PCB, which means that you're free to slap another pair of PCIe-based GPUs in and get a three-way CrossFireX setup going. Representatives at the booth were fairly confident that the concept would turn commercial by the end of this year (or early 2011 at worst), though they're still trying to hammer down what exactly the final GPU will be. We're sure there's a good bit of "dealing with thermals" going on in the labs, but here's hoping ASUS really can pull this off and change the way we think about IGPs. Have a look at the monster below, and try your best to not get those hopes too high.%Gallery-94373%