Onkyo DX1007A5B dualscreen netbook preview

We've known about Onkyo's DX dual-screened netbook for quite awhile, but it's another thing entirely to see it extend its two 10-inch screens in person. On display at the Microsoft booth here at Computex, the Onkyo is still a rebadge of the Konjinsha DZ that we saw at CEATAC last year, but has a 1,366 × 768-resolution display rather than the Konjinsha's 1,024 x 600. In our short hands-on time we found the screens to extend smoothly, but the hinge did feel a bit weak, though that could very likely be the result of being used and abused on the show floor. We were able to drag windows to the second monitor without a problem, so if you were concerned that the learning curve would be too steep, fret not. The most interesting thing about the netbook is that it turns into a handheld device of sorts -- when you pull the screens back in, you can flip it around and hold it up. For some odd reason it doesn't have a touchscreen, so you have to use an optical mouse on the side to navigate within Windows 7. If anything, the DX needs an internal upgrade since it still packs a first generation AMD Neo processor, but we're sure that'll come in time. See it all for yourself in the video after the break. %Gallery-94435%

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