iPhone 4 does 720p HD video, iMovie

A backside-illuminated 5 megapixel sensor is about to grace the new iPhone's rear, equipped with an LED flash and 720p / 30fps video recording. Tap to focus while recording video will also be rolled out in the iPhone Quattro, and Steve Jobs is keen to impress on us all that although the megapixel count has grown, the quality of images has apparently improved. That's what they all say. iMovie for iPhone will add more sophisticated video editing options, but they won't come for free -- a $4.99 tithe will be required. This is moving things along, to be sure, but why is the iPhone 4's upper storage limit still stuck at 32GB? A more generous apportionment of memory would've gone very nicely indeed with that HD video mode.%Gallery-94584%

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