iPhone 4 hits FCC, becomes world's second announced pentaband 3G phone

You really can't fault Apple's timing. While the iPhone 4 may have slipped out in physical form way ahead of its launch today, the FCC docs for it were kept under seal until this very moment. So what do we find out from the disclosure? The Commission identifies the fourth-gen iPhone as model number A1332, and also confirms that it carries a Bluetooth module, that precious 802.11n capability that's still missing from most phones, and -- here's the good bit -- five bands of 3G internet compatibility: UMTS I/II/V/VI/VIII (evidence after the break). Which is all sorts of interesting, since Apple omits one of them -- the 800MHz band VI, most commonly used in Japan -- on the iPhone 4's specs page. Feel free to speculate away on what that might mean. Sadly, the reports grow rather dry from there, with nary a word on how banging the new IPS screen is or how well the FaceTime video chat works -- guess we'll just have to figure those things out for ourselves. Oh, and the first announced pentaband beastie; why it's the Nokia N8.