iPod nano modded to play inside 8-track player, blow minds with ease (video)

Oh, sure -- they've a place in history, but the 8-track ain't got nothing on the record player when it comes to retro audio sources. This, however, is no vanilla 8-track deck. The Mad Hacker decided to add a little 2-oh-oh-to-the-dime to his Channel Master by modding a Beach Boys deck to connect to his iPod nano. He even threw a headphone socket and USB port on the front for listening on the go and charging (respectively), but the real amazement comes when you plug the thing in. Somehow or another, he hacked the 8-track to transfer iPod signals into the antediluvian source, providing a bona find plug-and-play solution that's (way) more awesome than practical. Seriously, it needs to be seen to be believed -- lucky for you, the video demonstration is just a click away.

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