Sony Ericsson 'Shakira' is a lower-cost X10 alternative?

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|06.07.10

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Sony Ericsson 'Shakira' is a lower-cost X10 alternative?
Call it the Legend to HTC's Desire, if you will, but we're hearing that Sony Ericsson may have another Android device in the works that would slot in beneath the high-end Xperia X10. The phone -- allegedly codenamed "Shakira" -- is said to have a 3-inch display, but otherwise, we don't have any details; the tipster says that it could be running either Android 1.6 or 2.1, and with Sony Ericsson's custom skin in full effect, it's impossible to tell from this shot. Of course, the SE community has a legendary reputation for creating unbelievably convincing mockups, so we can't rule this real until the day it's announced; then again, it stands to reason that they'd want to make something cheaper than an X10 and less of a novelty gadget than the X10 mini. Stay tuned, folks.

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