Windows Phone 7 devs said to be getting test hardware 'very soon' (update: July)

If you're a developer following our coverage of Windows Phone 7 and want to get on that gravy train as early as possible, you'll be happy to know that development hardware will be arriving "very soon." This apparently according to an unnamed Microsoft representative at a Norwegian Dutch developer event, where it was also made known that, upon the retail release of hardware, developers will be allowed to unlock five devices for their testing, although Microsoft will continue to make available pre-unlocked dev handsets after launch. Exactly what the unlocking procedure will look like remains to be seen, as does nature of these early developer-only handsets. MobileTechWorld speculates that LG's GW910 will be that handset, and since that company did provide us with the world's first official device running Windows Phone 7, we'd say that money is probably a safe bet.

Update: istartedsomething reports that the dev phones will actually go out next month with "very cool" packaging -- be sure to send us your unboxing shots!

[Thanks, Frank]