iPhone 4 at Best Buy for launch, at least 45 devices per store?

The iPhone 4 at Best Buy on launch day? It'd be no surprise, really -- after all, the retail giant had both the iPhone 3GS and iPad right from the get-go. We just got word from one of our trusted sources that Best Buy will indeed have the newfangled phone at launch, and even better, we've got some details on the inventory. A minimum of 30 units for the 32GB device and 15 of the 16GB will apparently be available at each store, and employee purchases are banned at launch. We can't say for sure without more paperwork, but this source has been pretty reliable before -- if nothing else, it should give you a decent idea just how early you should be preparing to wait in line.

Oh, and RadioShack fanatics? Yeah, we've heard you can head down there for launch, too, but we don't yet have a clue as to how many will be in stock.