Pentax Optio X90 superzoom reviewed, trumps many beginner SLRs

The power of an SLR with the ease of a compact. That's what Pentax would like you to believe its Optio X90 offers and, according to a Photography Blog review, that's about what you can expect. The 12 megapixel, 26x superzoomer's lens offers amazing flexibility without doing the lens-swap shuffle, and image quality was said to deliver very good with "striking colours" (it's a British site, mind). This is definitely a camera with a focus on helping users, but there are controls for setting shutter and aperture priority, and you can go fully manual if you like to work it, work it. Pentax's shooter doesn't score a perfect recommendation, with an inability to optically zoom while filming being a definite bummer, but the X90 earns high marks for its combination of performance and usability -- and at $399 it's something of a good deal, too.