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Rock Band 3 keyboard revealed, looks like a keyboard!

We've been wondering how a keyboard would look in the Rock Band universe: a row of colored buttons would make it hardly different than the guitar peripheral, while a real keyboard would... be just as hard to play as a real keyboard. Well, it looks like someone smarter than us has tackled the problem, implementing a Hannah Montana-style "Best of Both Worlds" solution. The keyboard spans two octaves of for-serious white and blacks, but there's a row of colored labels above those keys. How narrowly you're required to hit the "real" key corresponding to the note in the song is based on what difficulty level you choose -- on the easier levels you just have to smash into the correctly colored neighborhood. Oh, and for those hoping to play this keytar-style? the keyboard is designed to work on a lap or strapped over a shoulder. Check out the video below the fold to see it in action.