Sigma SD15 nabs a lofty price and near-term release date, at long last

All together now: "Finally!" Believe it or not, we first saw the SD15 glimmer back in September of 2008 -- practically an era ago based on what has transpired on our little planet since -- and we found out this February that Sigma was keeping the dream alive for the time being. According to a report straight out of Japan, it looks as if the long wait for a DSLR that's possibly past its prime by now is just about over. As the story goes, the SD15 (along with its famed Foveon X3 image sensor) will be shipping in at least some portions of the world by the month's end, with a body-only price of ¥120,000 / €1,199 (around $1,310 on a good day) and a kit price of ¥140,000 ($1,528). 'Course, we're still planning to wait for the first legitimate consumer unboxing before we commence celebrating, but at least the end of the tunnel is clearly marked.