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Xbox 360 Slim outed by Italian ad?

Xbox 360 Slim outed by Italian ad?
Tim Stevens
Tim Stevens|June 13, 2010 8:21 PM
Of the rumored devices we've been looking forward to getting official at E3 this year, two of the biggest come from Microsoft -- both of which, sadly, seem to have escaped from their bag a little early. First is Kinect, the re-naming of "Project Natal," and now it's looking like the rumored Xbox 360 Slim has been leaked early as well. An Italian site, Console Tribe, ran an ad (embedded after the break) showing the above rather more angular looking console that's definitely an Xbox 360, but definitely not a current model. It mentions that this model is compatible with the Kinect and also invites you to "live today." We're thinking this model was not supposed to go live until tomorrow, but seizing an extra day doesn't sound so bad for us.

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