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Alderaan stands up to Darth Malgus in new E3 trailer for SWTOR

Last year EA, Bioware, and Blur studios blew us away with a realistically rendered 3D cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. And as predicted, they did it again! The trailer set to be released at E3 has been leaked all over YouTube.

The tension starts over-looking a city on Alderaan as the Sith Imperial army starts its full assault. The city is devastated, but the Republic Trooper's Havoc Squad is waiting with a do-or-die surprise assault. Unfortunately, today it seems to be "die" until a Jedi, possibly Satele Shan, swoops in to save the day. With an incredible show of Force powers, this Jedi Consular fights back Darth Malgus' army and even faces off one-on-one with the Dark Lord.

A lot of lore spoilers were given to the fans today in this trailer, and there will be more from E3 and Massively this week. But the trailer invites the question: What can a movie render say about the game itself? It has a very rich story and some very memorable characters. Bioware has been the king of storytelling for a long time, but I think a lot of fans are waiting to see how the gameplay comes together.

Be sure to stay tuned into Massively for our interview tomorrow with staff of SWTOR and catch the full trailer after the break.