USB typewriter goes 'clackity clackity clack DING' (video)

USB typewriter goes 'clackity clackity clack *DING*'

You can keep your Optimus and Das Keyboard clickers: nothing compares to the pure, physical, carpal tunnel-inducing feel of a manual typewriter. If you want to bring that feel to your new-age gadget, Jack Zylkin can deliver it, able to convert your Royal Standard to USB standard, and plenty of other brands too. The system works by having the keys strike a board and create a circuit which is then piped out of a ubiquitous A-Type connector. A DIY kit will set you back $75 and at least a couple hours of your time (maybe more), while a ready-to-click pre-assembled model costs between $400 and $500. Given the intricate nature of the install we'd say that's probably the better bet -- unless you're particularly attached to your old manual. Video demonstration after the break.