Live at Sony's E3 2010 keynote!

Had enough gaming news today? Hardly. We're on-hand here at Sony's E3 keynote in Los Angeles, eager to be world's away from the smog just outside of the door. So, what's Sir Howard have in store for us? A legitimate PSP2? An unthinkably large PlayStation 3? The return of Saturn? Keep it locked right here -- we'll be bringing you the blow by blow as soon as things commence.

4:52PM Thanks for following along for these two days of liveblogs, and follow along as we delve into the show floor at E3.

4:51PM Jack's thanking us, the fans. "We look forward to writing a whole new chapter together. Thank you very much." And it's over!

4:50PM This is some pretty insane stuff. Missile launchers, faction leaders, snipers... for a car exploding game featuring clowns, it's surprisingly complex. It's playable today at the Sony booth.

4:48PM Twisted Metal online has warring factions. Creepy clowns fighting creepy near-clowns and creepy quasi-clowns, mostly.

4:47PM Now a van launches a missile, which the camera tracks with into the sky. Similarly, a "piloted gurney" lets the player... oh, you can guess.

4:45PM Time for gameplay from online team deathmatch. There's a motorcycle rider with a chainsaw fighting a helicopter with a gun. Our bet is on the helicopter.

4:44PM "Twisted Metal is the longest running franchise on PlayStation."

4:44PM We're pretty terrified right now.

4:44PM Tons of clowns with heads on fire. And now there's a Twisted Metal ice cream van on stage, complete with creepy clowns!

4:43PM It's Twisted Metal! Big applause.

4:43PM Two cab drivers are on screen talking about "back in the day."

4:42PM "We're reaching the home stretch, and we have one last surprise for you."

4:42PM It's out in 2011, and looks pretty great.

4:40PM Now a trailer for inFamous 2.

4:40PM Big applause! "It'll be fully playable in 3D, with both game modes on one disc."

4:39PM Coming November 2, 2010!

4:38PM It looks amazing... but when is it coming out?

4:37PM "You can see the breadth and depth of the content coming to PS3." Is that it? Nope, Gran Turismo 5 time!

4:34PM A bunch of games we didn't get to, including that fan-fave from Microsoft's keynote: Metal Gear Solid Rising. We're watching a trailer of the leftovers.

4:33PM Multiplayer trailer shows assassins assassinating. "Exclusive has become my new favorite word," says Jack.

4:31PM Ubisoft is bringing exclusive Assassin's Creed Brotherhood missions to PS3, and the multiplayer beta will be PS3 only.

4:30PM When we said "last up" we were lying. Mafia II from 2K Games is getting PS3 exclusives as well.

4:30PM Gameplay trailer didn't show much.

4:29PM "Salvation lies in the Echoes of the past." We get all our nuggets of wisdom from Square Enix.

4:29PM Last up is Final Fantasy XIV.

4:28PM A soothing, familiar voice speaks: "I think we can put our differences behind us. For science. You monster." Trailer shows a lot more diverse and overgrown environments. Same gameplay, but now we're outside!

4:27PM "Now, for the very first time, let's take a look at Portal 2."

4:27PM Gabe Newell has been outspoken in his dislike of the PS3, but Valve is bringing Portal 2 to PS3 all the same.

4:26PM Next guest... Valve! "I'd like to thank everyone at Sony for having me and not punching me in the face."

4:24PM Gameplay trailer depicting some wild, grotesque alien warfare. It looks a little more action and a little less survival horror, but getting blasted out into space and battling a huge space alien in the vacuum is a hard thing to complain about. The PS3 exclusive is the inclusion of Dead Space Extraction on the Dead Space 2 disc, with PlayStation Move support. That's it for EA, Jack is back.

4:21PM Now it's time for Dead Space 2.

4:20PM The PS3 exclusive involves a "remastered" version of Medal of Honor Frontline. It will be out October 12th.

4:19PM Gameplay trailer shows a lot of killing and explosions. The beta is out July 21st.

4:18PM Partnership between EA LA and DICE, with DICE doing multiplayer, which includes customizable guns and "unlockable beards."

4:15PM John Schappert from EA is out to talk PS3 exclusives.

4:12PM It will get a bunch of exclusive and early demos and DLC right out of the gate.

4:12PM Users will get "hundreds of dollars of products" throughout the year. They'll get early access to betas. Full year subscription is $49.99, three months is $17.99. Three months will be offered free.

4:11PM New premium features on top of PSN, just as rumored. Existing PSN features aren't changing at all.

4:11PM Alright, PlayStation Plus.

4:10PM Showing off tons of different game types... including a full RTS game and a 3D space shooter. "It's truly a platform for games."

4:08PM Devs can map PS3 buttons directly to game mechanics. There's a button-pushing game, a top-down sumo space car game, and a Smash Bros-style free for all.

4:07PM A bunch of new features, you can make "any kind of game." Driving, puzzlers, RPGs, shooters, etc.

4:05PM Here's Alex Evans to show off Little Big Planet 2.

4:03PM Sony has built a replica of its E3 booth for browsing in PlayStation Home, "I invite everyone who couldn't be here this week to check it out."

4:02PM Interestingly, all this camera gameplay is super hard to pull off with the PSP Go, since it's not directly compatible with the PSP camera.

4:00PM InviZimals gameplay looks interesting: it's the tracking / capturing creature gameplay of, say, a Pokemon, but with augmented reality 3D creatures floating around your home.

3:59PM Now we've got a runthrough of several more new PSP titles... this is great Sony, but where's our PSP Go apology? In fact, Sony hasn't said "PSP Go" out loud yet.

3:57PM Showing off a new title called inviZimals that uses the PSP camera for augmented reality. Now a trailer for God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

3:55PM Marcus is the Kevin Butler of the PSP, and he sells it well.

3:54PM A smartmouthed kid named Marcus is going toe to toe with Kevin Butler. "When you first contacted me I was just going to ignore you, but... you're hired."

3:53PM Now we're moving on to PS3. Pitching it to "serious gamers." New campaign called "step up your game." Taking aim at casual iPhone games. "We've got good kids playing bad games."

3:52PM Nothing looks nearly as graphically impressive as Killzone 3, which may very well be Sony's "killer app" here.

3:52PM Time Crisis is also a launch title... they're throwing them at us fast!

3:51PM You can get the Sports Champion bundle with just the Eye Toy and Move controller and game for $99.99. Now we're watching a trailer of all the titles.

3:49PM Heavy Rain, Resident Evil Toy Story 3 and a few others will be getting software updates to support Move functionality.

3:48PM Move will retail for $49.99, Navigation controller will be $19.99. PlayStation 3 Sports Champions Move bundle for $399.99.

3:47PM Playstation Move will be available in europe September 15, North America September 19th.

3:47PM Kevin's trying to reconcile casual and hardcore gamers. "We can all box, using characters that have important features... like arms... and necks." Patriotic music is swelling. "Because every gamer is a true gamer. Motion gamers. Sitting gamers. And even though we may pledge allegiance to different flags, we all serve one king, one master... and his name is gaming! Forever may he reign!"

3:44PM Sony's partnering with Coca-Cola for a big marketing campaign. And now Kevin Butler from the move ads is out to make fun of Microsoft. "100 french acrobats?" "See, I love gaming. I love walk-off homers and headshots... epic battles with a 600 foot greek god who may or may not be your father. Gaming is having a giant TV in a small apartment. Staying up to 3am for a trophy that isn't real. But is. And girls, who know the way to a man's heart is through a melee attack. I love gaming, and so do you, so much that millions of you are pretending to work while watching this online."

3:40PM Now Jack's introducing "Heroes on the Move," a working title for a new game featuring Sony's first party characters. Rachet, Jack, Sly Cooper, Bentley, Daxter. We probably missed somebody. The trailer didn't really show any Move-specific gameplay, but it looks like a game that any of those fellows would feel comfortable in.

3:39PM We'll have to try this ourselves, but it looks pretty good. Move functionality will be available as a PSN update for Tiger Woods 11 when Move ships this fall. A lite version will also be on the Move demo disc.

3:37PM He's giving it another shot from the tee. This is a harder hit, but hits a trap on the other side of the fairway. "The other thing to know that it's all about feel." He hits it pretty good out of the trap and now we're putting. Interestingly, there's a taped circle on the ground that he seems to be centering on. The putt gets halfway there. Thrilling stuff. He saves par with a nice short put.

3:35PM "Let's jump into the demo here." "We're all about 1-to-1 motion, no more pre-canned animations." He's going to try to hit a draw, "I've really got to perform a golf swing." He's really talking this up. First swing was a swing and a miss. "What did I tell you? One to one movement. His next hit looks great, but ends up in a sand trap.

3:33PM Jack's back: "Next we'd like to show how Move is going to revolutionize your sports experience." Here comes EA Sports to demo Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.

3:31PM Fade to white... coming in Spring 2011.

3:31PM A mending spell fixes a broken bridge to allow the character to advance. And here's a boss!

3:31PM Showing a whirlwind spell, that sucks enemies up and is steerable with the wand. Fire can got out in projectiles, or be lain down as a wall... which the wirlwhind can gather up and turn into a fire storm.

3:29PM You can switch between different spells, and combine spells. We just scored a "polymorph rat" potion, which transforms the character into a rat. Inexplicable applause for this.

3:28PM The game is controlled with the nunchuck in one hand and the Move wand that has one-to-one control of the onscreen character's magical wand. Actions with the wand effect power and trajectory of the spells.

3:27PM Someone's out from The Workshop, showing Sorcery. "In the demo I'm about to show you here, you're about to see a fidelity that isn't possible with any other kind of motion control."

3:26PM "I'd like to show you some new games today, revealed for the first time anywhere."

3:25PM Can put a Move game and regular game on the same Blu-ray disc "sort of like two games in one," which Jack says will reduce risk for developers.

3:25PM Jack's talking about buttons on a serious note: "we think it's an important distinction." The word "precision" seems to be key here.

3:24PM "What we in the future call buttons..."

3:23PM Interspersed is the Natal-trashing ad... played for big laughs.

3:22PM "The industry's best development studios have raved that the data they get back from the controller is exactly what their movement is." Now we're peeping a video of developer testimonials.

3:21PM "For the first time in motion gaming, core gamers will find something challenging and rewarding."

3:21PM Here's Peter Dille to tell us more about it. "We also talk about PlayStation 3 as another 'futureproof' product, and now here's the PS3 four years into its lifecycle with PlayStation Move."

3:20PM Jack's talking up Move now. "A new product that will allow consumers to literally move into the game." "The difference is one word: realism... how it happens in your hand is how it happens on screen."

3:19PM "It's no longer about how long you can be relevant to people's lives, but also in how many ways." Talking about PlayStation 2's 10th year: "we're not slowing down." It was the second most played console last year, and they sold 7.3 million.

3:18PM And now it's gameplay. There's an interesting stacking game called Tumble... we never thought we'd hear ourselves say "interesting stacking game." A gross Mortal Kombat fatality gets some cheers.

3:15PM 3D glasses back on for a highlight reel of 3D video.

3:15PM "What titles like Avatar are doing for 3D movies, titles like Killzone 3 are doing for 3D games." "Only titles created from the ground up" will be Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, Shaun White, Ghost Recon, Tron Evolution, NBA 2K11, Motorstorm, Gran Turismo 5 will be coming out in 3D. MLB The Show and a couple other titles will be available with Move-compatibility as well as 3D.

3:13PM Kaz is back "how about another round of applause for the guys at Guerrilla Games."

3:12PM It'll be available February 2011, exclusive to PS3, and will be fully compatible with Move. They'll be talking more about that aspect "in the coming months."

3:12PM We've got the field of view of a helicopter gunner, with difference in depth very obvious thanks to the larger ranges we're shooting. And it's over. Big applause... we'd clap too if we weren't typing, it really looked great, and the 3D didn't seem distracting at all.

3:10PM Getting shot and having blood spatters form on the screen has a new level of distraction, thanks to the difference in depth. And now we've exploded something really big... cutting to scene two.

3:10PM Some might criticize Killzone as a graphics first and only affair, but boy do those graphics look great. We're having about as much trouble finding the correct focal point as we did when watching Avatar: that is to say, it's not perfect, but it's pretty good.

3:08PM Now we're jetpacking across a frozen landscape. Whoops from the crowd. These people came here for some Killzone.

3:08PM Zooming in on the iron sights is great, and getting up close and personal for a melee isn't bad either.

3:07PM The 3D looks frankly great, with a lot of perceptible depth.

3:06PM Going to demo some of the 4th level. "Put on your 3D glasses, and bear in mind this is a live demo that consists in two sections. Enjoy."

3:04PM "Now, to demonstrate one of the industry's most anticipated 3D titles: Killzone 3."

3:04PM 20 titles created natively in 3D by March 2011.

3:03PM "Sony Bravia 3D-ready TVs are shipping out as we speak, and we have 35 million 3D-ready PS3s."

3:03PM "What PlayStation did for Blu-ray, we're now going to do it for 3D as well."

3:02PM Kaz wants to talk 3D today. We never saw it coming. "PlayStation has always been about two tenants: innovation and content." Going to take it to the "next level."

3:02PM "We'd like to share our vision of the future: one that we see clearly in high definition 3D." Here's Kazuo Hirai.

3:01PM Talking about the PlayStation 3, 4 years in. It's doing its goal of moving past gaming into whole family entertainment.

3:00PM "We've come to E3 with a little momentum on our side, we just passed 10 consecutive months of year-over-year growth, and we're just beginning to hit our stride."

2:59PM "Wow, check out this stage, I feel like I'm in a U2 concert." "Other than a little spittle from me, no need for ponchos." Nice laugh off that one.

2:58PM The energy is flowing, and here's Jack Tretton, President & CEO of PlayStation.

2:58PM That ad from a little back "C'mon, who wants to pretend their hand is a gun? What is this, third grade?" Applause, whoops.

2:57PM Even PS2 gets a shoutout!

2:57PM Move, X-Men, racing, cute furry creatures...

2:56PM And here we go! Screen flashing video of gaming insanity.

2:56PM Shrine Auditorium is vastly smaller than the Nokia Theater that Nintendo just rocked, but it's got a nice, classy feel to us. Like it might buy us a drink.

2:53PM Less than five minutes to go. In front of us are huge screens depicting PSPs, 3D glasses, PS3s and even a few games falling past us.

2:50PM We're inside and seated... 3D glasses in hand, naturally. Supposed to start in around 10 minutes.