Mac mini (unibody) unboxing and hands-on

Well you've seen the press photos, but now you can focus on something a little more personal. Yep, we've got the new Mac mini over at Engadget HQ all primed and ready for a full review, but first we thought we'd give you a little taste of what the box actually looks like. We'll admit, while we like the unibody construction of other Apple products, there's something especially serious about this design that speaks to us. We've been expecting the company would move the mini line to the machined aluminum housing, and it's a welcome change for sure. The new iteration also does away with that bulky power supply (it's now built in), and surprisingly allows easy access to the memory via a crazy new twist off rubber base. Like we said, we'll see if this thing is really worth the extra $100 in our review, but for now, feast your eyes on the images below.