Motorola Droid X purportedly hitting Verizon on July 19th

Darren Murph
D. Murph|06.15.10

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Motorola Droid X purportedly hitting Verizon on July 19th
Take this with a mouthful of NaCl, but Droid-Life has it on authority that Motorola's Droid X is gearing up to make the Droid Incredible seem a bit less Incredible next month. The big-screened unicorn-of-a-smartphone is purportedly set for a July 19th launch on America's most subscribed-to carrier, with ads to start popping up on the 18th. We're expecting to hear something official out of VZW next week, but till then, we'd suggest talking your current Android phone down from that ledge. Broken egos can lead to desperate measure, homie.

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