Emblaze's First Else in danger of becoming a smoldering slab of vaporware?

We have word from an industry insider that the First Else handset running the ALP OS is in trouble. Not a surprise since Emblaze, the company behind the handset, has been dead quiet about Else ever since CES where it promised a March beta and Q2 launch. From what we hear, the software simply isn't ready and Emblaze has been unable to sign on any major carriers as the components continue to age inside a cellphone first demonstrated in November of 2009.

We've also been told that Emblaze has instructed its employees not to speak to the press about First Else. And indeed, when we called the number that formerly belonged to the Emblaze Mobile marketing manager we were greeted with a very casual "hello" without any mention of the company or the person with whom we were speaking. After confirming that we were indeed speaking with Emblaze Mobile, we related the news about First Else and were promptly transferred to the voicemail of Emblaze's legal representation. Curious don't you think? Your move Emblaze.