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Keepin' it real fake: Android-based iPad knockoff gets unboxed for real

There were certainly plenty of non-KIRF products that managed to impress us at Computex earlier this month, but we have to admit that Sanxi's Android-based iPad knockoff is also right up there with the standouts from the show, and is a strong contender for KIRF of the year (our most prestigious fake award). Still not convinced of its many charms? Then look no further than the gallery full of unboxing shots below courtesy of our pal Zach Honig, which reveals just what that $150 or so will get you and, of course, how it stacks up against the real thing. Don't go thinking we're done with this thing just yet, though -- we'll also have it on hand at the next Engadget Show. We hope you can handle the anticipation.

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