Orange and O2 announce UK iPhone 4 pricing

UK carrier Orange has already confirmed that it'll be joining in on the iPhone 4 party on June 24th, and it's just now revealed exactly how much the phone will cost you depending on the service you choose. As with the 3GS, the iPhone 4 is available on both monthly or pay-as-you-go plans, and actually starts as low as free for a 16GB iPhone 4 on the highest monthly plan (£75 per month) and goes all the way up to £570 (or $845) for an off-contract 32GB iPhone 4 on a pay-as-you-go plan. There's literally no less than twenty different price points in all, however, so be sure to hit up the source link below to see exactly what's available before you go line up.

Update: Hey, O2 has followed suit. Imagine that!

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