PlayStation Move shooting attachment in pictures: the ray gun you always dreamed of

We heard a mention of the PlayStation Move shooting attachment in Sony's Move E3 press release, but now that we've seen photos of the thing we think we're in love. The trigger of the attachment locks in with the analog "T" trigger button of the slotted-in Move controller for some sweet, shoot-tastic shooting, while the face buttons of the controller remain accessible thanks to a window cutout up top. But while we're sure it works great and all that silly nonsense, we're just totally enamored with the looks: it's like a 1950's ray gun, and with a light-up ball on the end and the future of motion gaming at your fingertips, perhaps that's not so far from the truth. The ray gun part. The 50's were actually a pretty bad year for motion controlled console gaming. %Gallery-95391%