HTC has fix in the works for EVO 4G screen sensitivity; separation problems are minor

Updated ·1 min read

We've just been tipped off on a couple feel-good items for EVO 4G owners that should end your Friday on a bright note:

  • The glass separation issues are real, but said to be super minor and have no effect on the usability of the phone apart from a nearly imperceptible "give" to the touch. That said, HTC has made some assembly changes that should reduce or eliminate the problem going forward, and it'll keep an eye on the situation.

  • This is really interesting: the screen sensitivity problems are also real and are apparently far more prevalent in arid climates, but it can be fixed with a software patch alone. That patch will be rolling out to EVOs soon.

See? Told you it was feel-good news. More on this stuff as we get it.