Meego handset UI guidelines offer details aplenty, suggestion of WebOS, Android influences

Sure, you can already download MeeGo 1.0 and try it out on your netbook or N900, but Nokia also has some grander designs for the mobile operating system, and a new Handset Interaction Guidelines document published on (and then pulled from) the official MeeGo wiki has now offered some more details on exactly what's in store. Among the highlights are confirmation of support for both portrait and landscape keyboards, and some pretty strong evidence of WebOS and Android influences, including a task manager that's similar to WebOS's card system but becomes a grid view with a multitouch pinch, and a notification system and taskbar that are apparently similar to Android's -- not to mention some centralized account management. There's pages and pages of details beyond that, however, so hit up the link below to dive in (courtesy of Google Cache, of course).

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