Panasonic GF1 gets 1080p video recording via firmware hack

By utilizing the same groundwork of this DMC-GH1 hack, a group of crafty coders have devised a way to allow for all sorts of funky tweaks to the beloved Lumix GF1 -- most notably, 1080p video recording. Besides the full HD recording, using a reworked version of the camera's firmware, the micro four thirds shooter has had its video recording bit rates upped, added 4.2.2 color sampling, and looks like it could be getting full manual control and 24p/25p shooting options down the road. Some users are already maximizing their camera's abilities with the hacks, though based on reading we've done in the DVXuser forums, the firmware changes don't seem completely ready for primetime. Regardless, it's pretty encouraging news for those us who are already having a torrid love affair with the GF1. Check out some 1080p examples after the break, and hit the source links for a lot more info.