Hori's PS3 MMO Controller is large and in charge

With a name like "PS3 MMO Controller" there's probably not much more that you need to know about this monstrous creation from Hori. It isn't exactly Final Fantasy themed, but seems to be targeted for those who will be chocobo breeding in XIV. Its main component is, of course, the big white keyboard, but there's also that extension on the left side, replicating the left portion of a Dual Shock and looking like something found on a Battlestar Galactica set (the original, natch). On the right side of the keyboard lies the other analog stick and full complement of buttons. We're thinking we'd rather tackle the denizens of hell for real than attempt God of War 3 with this thing, but for the massive crowd it should do quite well -- whenever it actually ships. Hori didn't have a price in mine just yet either.