Blio finally launching e-reading software soon, Walmart excited for some reason or another

So yeah, we sort of forgot all about Blio and its e-reading software for laptops and smartphones, but it turns out the company has kept on truckin'. While it seems to have missed the February release of its software, famed inventor and founder of the company Ray Kurzweil told the New York Times that it will be more widely available over the next two months. He also went on to mention that "large PC" manufacturers along with retailers "like Walmart" will start offering it on their own products. Oh, Wally World, you say? Apparently, the mega-tailer wouldn't comment on the statement, but it certainly has us raising our eyebrows wondering about a Walmart e-reading product of sorts. Regardless, we're excited to see Blio finally making some waves after being fairly impressed with the features of the color reading experience when we saw it back at CES -- now, to see if those waves lead to action.