ASUS Eee PC 1201PN with NVIDIA Ion now available at an near you

Well, what do you know? Just a few hours after hearing the Acer Aspire One 532g with NVIDIA Ion 2 has been canceled, the Ion 2-equipped 12.1-inch ASUS Eee PC 1201PN that we've also been waiting on pops up for sale on While we had heard this Eee wouldn't be shipping in the US, that's clearly not the case, and for $484.00 it's not a bad deal either -- especially considering the Eee PC 1201N started at $499. The spec rundown is exactly the same as we've been hearing for months -- it's got a Intel Atom N450 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive and NVIDIA GeForce 201M graphics. But don't forget while this is technically dubbed as having "Ion 2," it doesn't use NVIDIA's Optimus technology, which means the GPU is always on, and thus probably going to chew away at the battery life. The whole last part is quite a bummer, but we're still betting some will hit the source link below and pull out the plastic. Will you?

Updated: If you're waiting to read a review before pulling the trigger LAPTOP Mag has one up right now. Stay tuned for the official Engadget review soon.