Corsair F120 SSD undressed, reviewed, compared to predecessor

We know you like SandForce's ludicrous speed SSD controllers, but how much do you know about these enterprise-class chips really? If your answer is anything short of "everything," you'll have to give Tech Report's writeup a read, where the guys get down and technical with Corsair's latest SandForce SF-1200-controlled drive, the F120 (above right). Differing from the F100 that came before it by cutting down overprovisioning (user-inaccessible storage space set aside to accelerate random writes and improve longevity) from 28 to 7 percent, this drive offers you an extra 20GB of room, but it does take a bit of a performance dint as well. If you must have the results in bitesize form, the F120 seemed better value (at $339) for netbook and desktop users than its elder, faster brother, though Indilinx-based competitors (such as Corsair's own Nova) were recommended as the sagest choice. We still advise, as always, that you wade into the source and give the full review a read.