Leaked Telstra roadmap points to October Windows Phone 7 launch, HTC Mozart device

Microsoft still hasn't gotten any more specific than "holiday 2010" for a Windows Phone 7 launch date, but it looks like we may now have a bit more specificity courtesy of Australian carrier Telstra. According to a leaked snippet from a purportedly authentic Telstra roadmap, the hereto unheard of Windows Phone 7-based HTC Mozart will be launching sometime in October -- presumably coinciding with the launch of Windows Phone 7 itself. As you may be able to tell, however, the phone pictured is actually a poor mockup (grey copy and paste border around the phone, Sense UI behind the WP7 UI, etc.) of an HTC Desire, but none other than Conflipper says that the Mozart is indeed a real device and, incidentally, headed to T-Mobile US as well.