Nintendo explains Vitality Sensor's absence at E3: show was too 'loud and stressful'

Nintendo explains Vitality Sensor's absense at E3: show was too 'loud and stressful'

At E3 this year we were absolutely sure that Nintendo would finally release the details of its finger-trapping peripheral, the Vitality Sensor. The company revealed the thing the year prior and, well, it sure seemed like time to make it official. But, that didn't happen, and Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway (star of the 2009 Vitality Sensor reveal) told Game Set Watch why: there was just too much other stuff. Yes, Nintendo "had a really packed agenda" and was too busy showing off another Metroid sequel, another Zelda sequel and, shocker, another Kid Icarus sequel to make room for something that is actually new. She continues that E3 is "noisy and adrenaline-filled, and loud and stressful, and it just didn't seem like the best environment to introduce a product that's really about relaxing." So, here we are, left sitting alone, index fingers coldly exposed to the elements, forced to find other ways to relax on our own.